What's involved in the setup?

To use the EasyBookStay Online Booking System, you will need to be running version 4 or later of the EasyBook Booking and Guest Management Software. If you are not already running EasyBook or don't have version 4 or later, you can find details on how to upgrade or purchase the EasyBook software here.

The setup of the online system involves installing the EasyBook Online Booking Module and the EasyBookStay Data Transfer Application. This can be done by ourselves, in which case we would dial into your computer and install the software for you, or we can provide instructions so that you can install the software yourself.

To order the Online Booking System for your business please Contact Us and we can arrange this for you.

Once your order is confirmed we work with you on the setup of the system for your business.

This involves setting up your dedicated Online Availability and Bookings area based on the style of your existing website. We then confirm the room/apartment and tariff details and set up the link program for EasyBook on your computer. The system is then tested. Finally the link is made “Live” on your website using either a button that we can provide, or a text link, whichever you prefer. You can put as many links to your Online Bookings System on your website as you require at no additional cost.

How do I sign up or get more information?

To use the EasyBookStay Online Booking System for your business you will need to be running the main EasyBook Booking Management Software. To get more information about the system please Contact Us, email us at info@easybookonline.com or call us on UK 01253 714555.

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